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How to convert webp images to gif files online

1. Download and convert WEBP to GIF

Select the required files using the command or drag them to any area of the site. Add an image link or use popular cloud services to download. The process of converting WEBP to GIF will start automatically after loading.

2. Configure GIF file without loss of quality

Configure the quality of the convertible GIF file. Move the slider to the required level and click Apply button. Combine multiple GIF files into a single animation. Set the number of frames per second. Adjust your personal settings in card previews. Use rotation if necessary.

3. Download GIF file to device

When you are finished optimizing the GIF quality of files or animations, click the Download All button. Unzip the downloaded files and open them in a browser, computer, or laptop. The files can be downloaded one at a time by clicking on the "Download" button in the photo cards.

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