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How to convert JPG images to GIF files

1. Download JPG to convert to GIF

Select necessary JPG files from your computer to convert them to GIF images. You can also specify links to images from other sites to upload to our server. There is a limit on the number of files uploaded at one time.

2. Configure the quality level of the GIF

Use the quality slider to adjust the compression level of GIF files when converting from JPG. Rotate image files by pressing the "Rotate" button. You can adjust the compression of individual files by clicking on the image preview card. If necessary, merge uploaded files into GIF animation by clicking on the switch under the preview panel. Adjust the GIF animation settings.

3. Download ready-made GIF files

Click on the "Download all" button to download all prepared GIF files in zip format. After downloading to your computer, unpack the zip archive. Click "Download" on the preview cards to upload each image individually.

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