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How to convert gif to webp images

1. Download GIF files to the site

Select the files to convert from GIF to WEBP on your computer by clicking the Download Files button or by specifying links to files from another site. Use Google Drive or DropBox cloud services to add GIF files to convert.

2. Adjust quality and compression

Adjust the quality slider to adjust the compression level of finished WEBP files after conversion. The higher the percentage, the higher the WEBP quality of the image and the larger the size of the finished file. Rotate images by clicking the Rotate button.

3. Download WEBP files

To download WEBP files with one zip archive - click the "Download All" button. After downloading, unpack the archive of WEBP files on your computer. The files can be downloaded one at a time by pressing the "Download" button in each image preview card.

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